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Mon, 04.12.2017
ptp20171204027 Products/Innovations, Science/Technology
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Aichelin develops "Glass Furnace"
More transparency for the maintenance of heat treatment plants
Aichelin developing future furnace
Aichelin developing future furnace
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Ludwigsburg (ptp027/04.12.2017/16:10) - AICHELIN Service, the leading service provider for heat treatment plants, has developed an internet-based customer portal for the ideal maintenance and upkeep of furnaces. The heat treatment experts from Baden-Wuerttemberg thus have transformed every single thermal processing plant into a "glass furnace" and are setting an advanced tone for the entire industry, exemplary also for innovations around Industry 4.0.

"The digital service platform "myAichelin" offers our customers extensive and unprecedented real-time information about their own operating facility. This optimizes maintenance and continuous service and considerably increases efficiency. Our customers should be able to get the most out of their furnaces," says Carsten Stölting, CEO of AICHELIN Service GmbH in Ludwigsburg.

360-Degree tour with myAICHELIN

The new platform enables deep insight into plants in the heat treatment industry. All furnaces under the umbrella of AICHELIN-Holding, including plants by SAFED, BOSIO, EMA, and NOXMAT besides the AICHELIN ones are serviced under the myAICHELIN platform. However, plants by different manufacturers may also be serviced through the customer portal. myAICHELIN provides all relevant data, such as lifecycle, defect probability, delivery times, availability, prices, extensive documentation, technical drawings, and much more. Thanks to the 1:1 presentation, customers can comfortably oversee all processes and follow them through a 360-degree tour of the entire plant. This also includes maintenance status or, in the future, condition diagnosis. Video documentation and checklists serve as additional guidance.

AICHELIN Service has restructured more than 90,000 plant components and upgraded them with a variety of additional information and features. This detailed overview enables a modern, visionary inventory management and facilitates the identification of plant components and needed spare parts. Spare parts can be found via a fault-tolerant on-site search tool, via the relevant plant structure, or via the existing document history.

Unerring decisions with big data

The platform supports businesses with automated suggestion lists in the stocking of spare parts and in the planning of their maintenance. Thanks to an innovative shopping cart function and quotation at the touch of a button, shopping is made wonderfully simple. At the same time, an export function that can be integrated into the custom-made system will guarantee a smooth process. This way, more than just one employee will have access to the entire plant documentation and benefit from the integration and interlinking of all possible data sources. With myAICHELIN, you will be able to make decisions based on a wide range of data.

The platform is set to have a modular structure, so that integrating it with the new AICHELIN software for process documentation, FOCOS 4.0 will be possible. Moreover, future scenarios such as expenditure data and fault probability can be determined and made available for the customer in real time. Software updates as well as troubleshooting will also become possible through this modularity. Customers will also be able to consult real-time support whenever questions arise, or they can request competent guidance through a hotline.

AICHELIN Service GmbH in Ludwigsburg, Germany is the center for all services around the thermal processing plants of AICHELIN Group as well as of plants by other manufacturers. Moreover, the Ludwigsburg site also houses the central spare parts depot with the dispatch logistics department and the main scheduling office for service engineers. With around 80 engineers, technicians, and logistics experts in office and field service, AICHELIN Service supports its customers with services such as repair, preemptive maintenance (especially annual maintenance), modification and modernization, inspections and audits, spare parts services, but also with trainings, seminars, and individual trainings as well as consulting services.

About AICHELIN Group
AICHELIN Group, as part of BERNDORF Group, is a manufacturer and provider of after-sale-services of industrial furnace plants for different industry segments. AICHELIN Group operates in the field of induction heating and in the manufacturing of industrial gas burner systems. The group operates production sites in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, the US, China, and India. AICHELIN Group employs 1,100 employees worldwide and thus rangers among the largest producers of heat treatment plants.

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