Editorial Terms


The pressetext Nachrichtenagentur GmbH is an independent press agency of international standard, based in Vienna, Austria. Scope, media networking and high recognition are cornerstones of the agency. The editorial office is the core of the news agency. It is the scene of lively discussions about current affairs, background knowledge and exclusive information that fall within the agency’s defined focus.

Journalistic curiosity and an interest in producing reports on the issues of the day for our subscribers, readers, visitors to the news portal and for the media make up the core of the editorial work. The measure for editorial quality is to meet the obligation of due diligence. This includes continuing attention to issues whose dimensions range beyond topicality.

The editors at pressetext are well aware of the special responsibility they have to their readers and users regarding the truth, the choice of topics and the journalistic preparation of their material. Every editor feels it is their duty to follow the Press Council’s code of conduct for agreed journalistic principles.

In its daily work, the editorial office regards itself as being in competition with other news providers. Speed, efficiency and personal commitment deserve special daily attention. A key tool for successfully positioning its editorial content in the media marketplace is pressetext’s reputation for excellence. This is characterized by the inclusion in its published articles of opinion, exclusive information and interviews with experts.

A team spirit and a sense of duty to uphold the high quality and independence of the whole editorial staff demands that external professional activities and any dependency on third-parties are declared to the editorial management.

The editorial staff also endeavours to ensure high standards by proof-reading and editing the content of press releases paid for by third-parties which are distributed by pressetext. This is done in agreement with the third-party, where appropriate, and an editorial proof-reader is available for this particular task.

Every member of the editorial staff knows that it is their task to continue to learn more about their field. This desire to develop is supported by the editorial management using appropriate measures.

The editorial staff maintains an open and trusting relationship with the management. For its part, the management regards itself as a supporter and promoter of all measures which can help the editorial staff produce lively, high-quality journalism, based on these guidelines and secured for the long-term.

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