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Thu, 27.02.2003
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Web publishing tools in high demand
Emerging market for XML software solutions

Framingham/ Frankfurt (pte033/27.02.2003/14:22) - Low-end web publishing software is on the verge of a boom, according to a new report by the international research firm IDC .

The rapidly growing demand for all types of authoring tools for end-users is causing the market to heat up and creating new competitive opportunities, as reported by Online Publishing News.

Susan Funke, a content management expert at IDC, told Online Publishing: "The market for web authoring software has expanded. With the emergence of the Internet and web authoring tools, anyone can publish content of all types on the web and they can now augment this content with audio and visual elements."

According to the IDC report called "Authoring Tools Market Landscape", XML is the upcoming bridge between standard authoring and web authoring software, as it permits users to easily publish the same content in many formats. The surge in low-end web-publishing has also created a demand for fully functional tools that are readily accessible to non-technical staff.

Analysts predict that those software developers who recognize the users' need to be able to easily create, track, archive, and retrieve content will have the most success on the burgeoning market.

One such a solution is MD's LittoralisALERT, a low-cost web-authoring solution at The company's strategy is to combine sophistication with user-friendliness. Their self-professed goal is to "deliver web authoring tools which handle archive content - without involving the author in complex database issues that only a guy in a white coat can understand."

MD also believes that the logical symbiotic relationship between content management and content marketing means that web authoring tools must include powerful email distribution functions.

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