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Thu, 13.08.2020
pts20200813020 Media/Communications, Computer/Telecommunications
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TÜV AUSTRIA social media community surpasses 128,000 followers
Technical safety, security and quality drive Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram in the COVID-19 crisis
TÜV AUSTRIA surpasses 128.000 Followers
TÜV AUSTRIA surpasses 128.000 Followers
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Vienna (pts020/13.08.2020/13:05) - Technical safety has long since shed the functional image of legally required testing obligations. Appreciated and sought-after as a competitive factor in tenders, research, development and operations in industry, business, science and society, technical security and quality on the social media channels of the independent Austrian TÜV AUSTRIA Group attract the attention of the online community - additionally strengthened by the COVID-19 pandemic.

+10,000 Facebook followers in the COVID-19 crisis

Between August 2019 and 2020, over 10,000 users added the English-German Facebook site of the TÜV AUSTRIA Group to their Facebook feeds. Andreas Wanda, Head of Marketing & Communication TÜV AUSTRIA Group, explains this development as follows: "Safety and quality are top of mind today. Whether legionella in drinking water or phishing attacks on computer networks, the modern user seeks knowledge, information and advice from our experts." The COVID-19 pandemic was bringing the community together in a special way and TÜV AUSTRIA was consciously acting as a strong partner in this crisis. "Creating security and trust in the crisis by communicating our ongoing testing, inspection and certification solutions, as well as our training portfolio", Wanda summarises the basic strategy in the COVID-19 crisis. "We want to be a reliable partner for people through our communication channels, with our experts as storytellers in the COVID-19 crisis. TÜV AUSTRIA Group has a Facebook community of over 85,000 followers throughout the Group, Wanda is pleased to point out: https://www.facebook.com/TUEVAUSTRIA

+2,000 employees provide remote solutions and training in over 20 countries - and +40,000 LinkedIn followers

The deployment of more than 2,000 employees in over 20 countries in the service of technical safety makes TÜV AUSTRIA a reliable partner for industry, municipalities, authorities and institutions - and of course also for all operators of critical infrastructures - in all areas of testing, inspection, certification, IT security and training and further education. On site, but also through a range of "remote services", explains TÜV AUSTRIA CEO Stefan Haas: "As TÜV AUSTRIA, we have a social responsibility to the economy, our employees and the millions of consumers. We offer professional support and readily provide advice and assistance."

This effort of the TÜV AUSTRIA experts also increases the presence on LinkedIn. A consistent consolidation of the TÜV AUSTRIA LinkedIn pages makes the worldwide commitment of the group of companies tangible on the TÜV AUSTRIA Company Page for over 8,000 followers. In total, Austria's largest testing, inspection and certification service provider has a following of more than 40,000 safety and security interested people, decision makers, partners, customers - and the "next generation" of technicians on the career and business platform LinkedIn: https://www.tuvaustria.com/linkedin

Instagram and career opportunities for the COVID-19 generation

Andreas Wanda uses social media channels as an "invitation" to the only Austrian TÜV, the TÜV AUSTRIA: "Companies are encouraged not to observe, but to contact and involve these highly motivated and informed actors of social channels", Wanda criticizes the classification of trend-setting platforms like Facebook's Instagram: "Our TÜV AUSTRIA Science Award again achieved the record submissions of the previous year in the Corona year, because we literally participate directly via Instagram in the successes of HTL and university graduates and recent doctorates and get in direct contact with them."

In future, the Human Resources department at TÜV AUSTRIA Group will also be stepping up its social media contact with high potentials on the job market, announces Philipp Huber, responsible for Group HR at the group of companies founded in 1872: "Our social media campaigns achieve a high level of transparency on the job market. We want to deepen our dialogues and inspire future employees personally for the meaningful work in the Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) business. TÜV AUSTRIA Group has exceeded the mark of +2,000 employees worldwide, with over 1,000 employed in Austria alone. With more than 200 new employees every year, Austria's leading testing, inspection and certification company proves its attractiveness as an employer, which was also confirmed in the current study by the business magazine trend. Current jobs in Austria and Germany can be found at https://karriere.tuv.at, further international job opportunities are available via TÜV AUSTRIA's subsidiaries https://www.tuvaustria.com/contact

TÜV AUSTRIA Group on social media

TÜV AUSTRIA Group regularly posts updates on industry, energy, construction technology, cyber security, hygiene, management systems, medical technology, automotive engineering, further education, certifications and career opportunities and much more on the following social media platforms: LinkedIn https://www.tuvaustria.com/linkedin, Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TUEVAUSTRIA, Kununu https://www.kununu.com/at/tuev-austria-holding, Instagram https://www.instagram.com/tuevaustria/, Twitter http://www.twitter.com/TUVAUSTRIAGroup, You Tube http://www.youtube.com/TuvAustriaMedia, Xing https://www.xing.com/companies/t%C3%BCvaustria and https://www.tuvaustria.com

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