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Mon, 16.09.2019
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The German artist Elke Ludwig presents the report about her by the renowned art critic Anneliese Knorr
Anneliese Knorr publishes art criticism about Elke Ludwig
Der Lebensabschnittspartner by Elke L.
Der Lebensabschnittspartner by Elke L.
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Zurich (ptp037/16.09.2019/16:00) - The stylistic means in Elke Ludwig's works is the distortion of form, which goes hand in hand with the exaggeration of the characters. The deformation of the real accusation also causes an exaggeration of the theme, so that the exaggeration of spontaneous movements and feelings controls the events in the picture. In addition, there is "much drawing" in her drawings made with a pointed pen or with a round brush and oil paintings. Dense hatchings, which often condense to full black fields. Above all, however, with the application of washed sections. With delicate watercolor tones she brings in a painterly moment and increases the expression, plasticity and spatiality of the picture, thus declaring her claim to be an autonomous work of art! With the oil paint technique she has developed a very special one: She applies oil paint only partly thickly with strong colours, while the background becomes ever softer through a special paint thinner which is applied thinly over only a few figures up to the background and thus achieves the strong tension ratio through the strong colour tone. With this she would also achieve "that her people speak loudly" (and laughed).

She also has an unmistakable eye for situation comedy. Although she apparently enjoys slaughtering people's bad habits, her drawings and paintings never seem malicious or destructive. Her punch lines do not kill by ridicule or merciless mockery, but reveal a great deal of understanding for human weaknesses.

For example, she makes fun of two women auf s who cannot resist their gossip addiction, who gush out news with their mouths wide open, or the embarrassingly noisy cheerfulness of a group of regulars. The more spun up, a couple sitting uncomfortably tightly on a sofa seems, an inhibited gaze, the frustration of abstinence embodied by a drunkard staring melancholically at a bottle locked in a bird cage. A kindly hidden meaning can be found in a picture where a man sits at the table with an oversized hand and lets himself be entertained by its capers. Your titles to the individual works of art are also very humorous. They are cheerful, ironic, satirical descriptions of states and situations. - Anneliese Knorr

From 27th August to 13th October, Elke Ludwig will present between 20 and 30 of her ironic works of art in a solo exhibition in the time-honoured St├Ądtisches Museum Seesen. On the artist side of Elke Ludwig the works of art of the artist can be regarded.

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