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Tue, 04.04.2017
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eyeson, a revolutionary video conferencing tool, celebrates launch on Product Hunt
Today eyeson is live on Product Hunt

Graz (pts021/04.04.2017/13:15) - To showcase a technology solution portfolio such as eyeson within the Product Hunt spotlight of game changers in the industry is an incredible opportunity. Let's call it the Big Dream! So we are really thrilled that eyeson has been hunted on Product Hunt.

"We've been waiting in excitement for a launch on Product Hunt and are looking forward to receiving valuable feedback from the Product Hunt community", states Andreas Kröpfl, CEO and founder of eyeson.

eyeson is a smart conferencing platform providing teams with online meeting rooms. Team members can meet in real-time and collaborate face-to-face, via screencasts, presentation or chat.

What differentiates eyeson from other video conferencing tools, is its Single Stream Technology. As the number of participants increases, most tools end up using a lot of bandwidth, the video and audio quality decreases. Thanks to eyeson's Single Stream Technology, eyeson meeting rooms are not affected by the number of participants and therefore use significantly less bandwidth.

Besides an unlimited number of active participants, eyeson provides a collaborative video conferencing platform for up to nine people in a room.

eyeson is being hunted on Product Hunt and for a limited time we will provide a special offer for all hunters - a 90 day free trial.

To participate and access the Product Hunt exclusive deal, click here and join Product Hunt today:

Please ask a question or share your experience with eyeson.

Feel free to support our launch and join the conversion!

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