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Thu, 18.04.2013
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New University Campus in Vienna's Prater park
The new campus for Vienna's Wirtschaftsuniversität will be ready next autumn

Vienna (pte026/18.04.2013/14:08) - The new university campus for Vienna's Wirtschaftsuniversität (business university, WU) in the Prater park will be ready for students to move in next autumn.

The new campus which cost 492 million Euros will see six new buildings offer 90 lecture theatres, 3,000 work places and 5,000 teaching places on a 5,000 square-metre piece of land in the middle of the Prater park in the Leopoldstadt area of Vienna.

The vice-chancellor of the university Christoph Badelt said the building will be completed within the budget and time frame and that staff and students would be able to move into the new campus this autumn.

Austria's largest stock-exchange registered firm OMV, which deals with oil and gas, has entered a partnership with the WU and has sponsored the Institute for Social Entrepreneurship, Sustainability and Performance Management as well as part of the library which will be named "OMV Bibliothekszentrum".

The partnership contract which has been agreed for five years will encourage the exchange of research results and practicable experience.

However, vice-chancellor Badelt said he could not imagine that private companies would take on the majority of the costs for a public university.

He said: "I wouldn't want that either. The central elements have to be financed publically to avoid a situation where the firms secure themselves some influence on our research."

The old WU-building in Vienna's ninth district (Alsergrund) will be occupied by the Academy of Fine Arts and the University of Applied Arts during the renovation of their buildings.

The Austrian Parliament could then possibly temporarily move into the "old-WU" during renovation works of their main building.

The vice-chancellor said he didn't believe the building would be kept in the long term.

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