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Fri, 30.11.2012
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Sunnybags make the move to sunny California
Austrian know how at Silicon Valley
Sunnybag for 007
Sunnybag for 007
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Graz (pte016/30.11.2012/10:12) - An Austrian company that makes rucksacks, handbags and other types of holdall that come complete with a flexible solar panel stitched to the side so that they can power a mobile telephone or electronic camera is opening offices in America.

The SunnyBags project was the brainchild of Graz man Stefan Ponsold who started working on the project four years ago - and who is now moving a section of the company to sunny California.

The solar powered bags have found a great market and the firms products are owned by the rich and famous including James Bond-actor Sir Roger Moore, sailor Bertrand Piccard and fellow Austrian Arnold Schwarzenegger and Austrian Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel.

Ponsold said: "A SunnyBAG is something you can carry which has the solar panels built into the side and a battery so that it can be used to charge electronic devices. I have chosen America because in California there is a lot of sun and that fits really well with our project.

"And also in Silicon Valley where we will be based it is the hotspot for this sort of technical development and that is where decisions will be made that ensure we remain going in the right direction."

The headquarters of the company SunnyBAGs will remain in Graz in Austria.

Ponsold said: "Whatever happens the design will remain Austrian. We have production designers that are working here on the project and a lot of the production will still be carried out in Graz, while some of the larger items that we need are made in Poland."

The rucksack is the company's latest new product which it is hoped will find a market with sporty clients.

He said: "If the sun is shining directly on the panels then in two hours there is enough electricity generated to completely recharge a smart phone."

He said that Roger Moore told him that James Bond with his high-tech arsenal would have been delighted when he had been given access to one of the solar powered bags.

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