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Mon, 01.10.2012
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Google helps firms to go mobile
95 per cent use smart phones to search for products and services
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Vienna (pte036/01.10.2012/16:08) - Austrian consumers are rapidly turning to mobile devices to meet their Internet requirements - but companies are slow in keeping up with the trend.

Some 36% of Austrians are now accessing the Internet via their smart phone or tablet device - more than half of those do so regularly. And almost all of them are using their mobile telephones to look for products or services (95%). That means enormous potential for domestic companies, but potential which is nonetheless not being fully exploited.

In order for firms to check their websites compatibility with the latest range of mobile devices a new initiative from Google Austria has been set up to help them put their pages to the test.

By inputting the webpage address and answering a few simple questions the programme offers a ranking on how well suited to mobile applications the page is and what modification should be carried out to make it better.

Klaus Müller from Google Austria admitted that the Internet wasn't perfectly suited to the needs of mobile devices and modifications needed to be made which Google was hoping to promote with its backing of the new initiative.

He cited statistics that showed 50% of all of those who failed to get to the webpage they wanted say the next thing they would do would be to go to the page of a rival.

But he stressed that the new page was not meant to replace professional IT support - it was more an attempt to give an idea of where a company needed to go and give it a starting point for taking things forward.

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