BMQ Partners AG
BMQ Partners AG
Claudia Gabler
Phone: +41 79 204 28 22
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BMQ Partners AG (6 releases)

Avatar Aya Stellar lands in the Bernese Alps
* The Swiss transmedia company Cosmiq Universe celebrates on 22/2/22 the landing of its female avatar Aya Stellar with an impressive light projection in the Bernese Alps.

Avatar Aya Stellar lands in the Bernese Alps
2022-02-23, ptp20220223067 Computer/Telecommunications, Culture/Lifestyle
2021-10-06, ptp20211006008 Culture/Lifestyle, Environment/Energy
Interstellar avatar launches first space NFT collection
2021-08-24, ptp20210824011 Computer/Telecommunications, Culture/Lifestyle
Ladies Drive founders take off with Ladies Drive Asia and launch in the Asian market
2021-07-08, ptp20210708011 Media/Communications, Commerce/Services
Preventing waste in everyday life: Washable barrier masks in a hygiene set for a better eco-balance
2021-04-29, ptp20210429022 Products/Innovations, Health/Medicine
Virtual Personas: How Avatars Touch Millions of Hearts
2021-02-05, ptp20210205023 Computer/Telecommunications, Media/Communications